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Career Coaching

As a Star Mentor and Student Advisor at EliteLink Education, Lynn continues to drive forward efforts to help navigate students through their academic and career paths so they can achieve their dream offer to achieve their academic and career goals. Lynn operates with the team to provide students and families with all the necessary resources to succeed. Additionally, she provides real estate expertise to coordinate housing requirements respectful of each family's distinct needs. 

With a remarkable 100% satisfaction rate over the past 10 years, EliteLink Education offers prestigious career coaching and admission consulting service. It also provides a personalized approach to support by providing each student with a connection to leading educators and mentors with previous working experience at the top 30 universities' admission offices. This program focuses on a clear path for students to receive their dream school offer and concurrently improves their skills that are grounded in the discovery of their passion and pathway toward their dream career. 

EliteLink Education offers K-12 & College Consulting, Test Preparation Online Courses for SAT/TOEFL/IELTS and Career Coaching. It is the market leader for education and admissions consulting services. 

  • K-12 & College Consulting: get your dream school offer
  • Test Preparation Online Course SAT/TOEFL/ IELTS
  • Career Coaching: Get your dream company offer

What Makes Our Admissions Consulting Services Unique:

Application Process and Timeline

The Process

Speak to one of our highly specialized coaches to receive a holistic understanding of each of our programs: college/ school applications or career planning.

Our highly specialized coaches will design a personalized coaching plan with a weekly mentoring plan. You and your coach will discuss benchmarks and necessary deliverables to ensure timeliness and successful completion of tasks.

You will receive guidance on your school selection list from an experienced team of college counselors. To ensure a well-rounded approach to the application process, our coaches will discuss extracurricular activities, research projects, volunteer activities, and prestigious internships. You will also receive coaching on the essay writing process that focuses on the writing process, editing, and proofreading. Additionally, we provide mentorship in personal development in terms of academic and career goals, ensuring a holistic approach to your success in college and your career trajectory.

We will have an online day-to-day tracking system so that the mentor and mentee can keep track of everything we provide an online tracking system to monitor your assignments and deadlines, and to also ensure a reliable tracking system between coach and student.

Our data ensures successful outcomes. With our 100% school application success rate, we evaluate results with you and discuss the next steps.

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Lynn on LivingInUS

Work With Lynn

Lynn has a heart of gold and a natural propensity for customer service. Lynn’s ability to observe the clients' needs and listen to their wants has made her an instant success and a client favorite.